mini excavator crab mini excavator

The Crab Mini Excavator was developed in Port Elizabeth, South Africa over a period of seven years.

The machine is suitable for farmers, the construction and building industry, as well as plumbers and irrigation contractors.

The mini excavator can be used wherever digging is required i.e. trenches, dams, foundations for housing, graves etc.

The machine has two adjustable front stabilizer legs as well as a hydraulic tilting rear axle, making the machine extremely stable on uneven terrain.

The Crab Mini Excavator moves by using its boom to pull itself forward, backward and sideways.

The Crab Mini Excavator was designed with ease of maintenance as well as cost effectiveness in mind.

Please contact us for more details.

Below is a video demonstrating the functionality of the Crab Mini Excavator.

Contact Details

DG Servicing

Cell: 082 320 9990


Physical Address:

Comsec Complex
Old Grahamstown Road
Port Elizabeth
South Africa

Printable Brochure

Click on the link below to view/ download the specifications of the Crab Mini Excavator.

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Made in South Africa

Port Elizabeth

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mini excavator crab mini excavator

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